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Auxiliary connectors LP-10 and LP-11 are used for precise and repeatable mirroring of HV switches’ condition. They are created from 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 highest quality microswitches. Microswitches used in the LP-10 connector have a double-break, magnetic blowing extinguishing system and self-cleaning contacts, and therefore they can operate in circuits under constant currents (also changeable currents).

The LP-11 connectors can only work in changeable current circuits because in this version microswitches do not have an arc suppression system. The price of connectors is lower than the LP-10 connectors though. IP40 protection housing is used to ensure that the device works properly.

Microswitch housings are made of fabric with a high degree of insulation, resistant to humidity and extreme temperatures. Microswitches’ springs are made of non-corrosive steel and silver contacts.


ExecutionThe number of microswitchesThe spacing of holes


Rated current for LP-10:5A / 250 VDC, 5A / 250 VAC
Rated current for LP-11:5A / 250 VAC
Isolation’s rated voltage:250 V
Wytrzymałość napięciowa izolacji (t = 1s):2,5 kV AC 50HZ
The overall angle of working:60°
Level of protection:IP40
Operational temperature:-40°C ÷ +125°C
Microswitches connectors:6,3 x 0,8 płaskie męskie
The spacing of holes:wg tabeli
Screw / fastening screw:M5 – 4 szt.
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