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SF-31 phase compliance signaling device is used to indicate phase relations between two systems, pinpointing at the presence of operating voltage in MV switchgears equipped with voltage signaling devices or relay interlocks, eg. SN-30 and PB-30 of our production, as well as VEGA 1.2 signaling devices

Connecting SF-31 to the system is about:

– inserting its banana plugs of red color into selected phase sockets of the 1st and 2nd system (described by the same phase number)
– inserting a black banana plug into any of the slots (described by the letter “N” of the 1st or 2nd system)

The signaling device is started by pressing the “MEASURE” key. Each of two green LEDs

signals the presence of voltage in the measured phases. The red diode and the activation of the acoustic signal indicates phase incompatibility.


Napięcie dopuszczalne250V AC
Power Supply9 V (bateria typu 6F22)
Input resistance1 M Ω
Banana plugsśrednica 4 mm
The length of wires60 cm standard
Level of protectionIP40
Overall weight0,25 kg
Operational temperatureod -20 o C do +50 o C
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