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SN-30 voltage signaling device is used for signaling if the voltage is present in interior MV switch station buses. The signaling occurs as a result of a voltage threshold being exceeded (then LED diodes flash), it also signals its continuous growth.

Front board’s banana sockets are directly connected with terminals on rear board, so that it is possible to connect an external control indicator. Threshold’s illumination current value is 60 μA, however it may be adjusted to 30 μA in individual orders. This value provides the compliance of voltage activation thresholds with standards PN-EN 61958. Please note that:

  • There is no light on the MV <01 bus (while voltage present)
  • Stable light on the bus MV> 0.45 (while voltage present)

Input terminals L1, L2, L3 should be connected with insulators’ output terminals with cables of min. 0.5 mm, 2 for the rated voltage of 750 V insulation. For the device to be fully operational, it is essential to properly connect power wires, with special focus the grounding conductor.

The SN-30 voltage can operate under the typical voltage of SN rail, with the following insulators:

Sygnalizator napięcia SN-30 może pracować przy typowych napięciach sieci SN z następującymi izolatorami:

Isolator typeTension voltage
IOR 4-60; MCL-I-7,2-047,2 kV
IOR 8-75; MCL-I-12-0812 kV
IOR 8-95; MCL-I-17,5-0817,5 kV
IOR 8-125; MCL-I-24-0824 kV
IOR 6-170; MCL-I-36-0836 kV
MCL-I-42-0842 kV


The threshold of the input circuit:60μA (on request, it is possible to set 30μA)
Wires:isolator – transmitter min 0.5 mm 2, tension voltage – 750 V
Isolated banana sockets:Ø4mm
Overall dimension (with wires):72 x 72 x 87 mm
Otwór montażowy w panelu/drzwiach:kwadrat 68 x 68 mm
Maksymalna grubość drzwi:4 mm
Wymiary gabarytowe PB-30 (ze złączami):72 x 72 x 87 mm
The mounting hole in the panel/ the door:68 x 68 mm
Max. thickness of the door:4 mm
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